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Incorporated in 1985, Mumbai-based Jaybharat Textile and Real Estate Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Jaybharat) is a diversified company with a strong presence in textiles.  
Quality and credibility are the hallmark of its businesses. Jaybharat‚Äôs textile business offers world class textile solutions by keeping abreast with international trends in fabrics, fashion and technology.  
Jaybharat Textiles and Real Estate was established in 1985 as Classic Synthetic and Silk Mills under the Tayal Group. The company got its current name in December, 2005.
Jaybharat Textiles and Real Estate is engaged in the business of textile for it produces cotton yarn by rotor spinning. The company also undertakes ring doubling of cotton yarns.
Jaybharat Textiles and Real Estate has recently entered into the business of real estate. The corporate office of the company is in Mumbai and its registered office is in Gujarat.
The Jaybharat Textiles and Real Estate Ltd. plans to expand and diversify into the sectors of foam manufacture, shirting and cotton sheeting, terry towel, and also the extension of current facilities for weaving. The company plans to extend its textile fabric and yarn spinning processing facilities. The Jaybharat Real Estate and Textiles envisages installing 75, 600 spindles which will have an output of around 10, 700 TPA and will manufacture cotton yarn.
Jaybharat Textiles and Real Estate has become one of the leading companies of India and as it plans to expand and diversify in the future the company is bound to scale newer heights.
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